Berlin things what surprised me most


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. And it is also the biggest city in whole Germany, and second biggest city in the European Union (after London).
And like any other capital city or some other big city, it is full of tourists. At least it was in September, and I am sure there is, even more, tourists during summer time.

But even if there is a lot of tourists, tourist can get a feeling, that the city is actually made only for locals. Of course, it is full of sights to see, interesting culture and so on.
However, there is something different, compared to other bigger cities, especially in Europe. And of course, I am going to compare only to the cities I have visited.

I had a very interesting trip with one of my best friends in September. At least I did learn something new, and definitely, some of the things surprised me.
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Because I am writing to the Travelista Club, and if I would write everything also here, Google might penalize my account.

In that post, I will write about these things what surprised me most, to read everything in full, please visit that Travelista Club site 🙂

1. You need a cash in Berlin
2. Pocket dictionary is useful
3. Do not expect friendly customer service
4. What about Sunday shopping in Berlin?
5. Transportation in Berlin

If you have any ideas what to write from my travels, let me know 🙂

Travel time: 14.9.-18.9.2017

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