Countries in three continents

I have traveled to 24 countries, and I am just 23 years old. I had a plan to travel one NEW country each year, but thanks to Covid-19, it wasn’t possible this year. As for many, Covid-19 has ruined plans.

All the countries I have visited has something unique. It’s impossible to say which country is the best, because all are so different. But when thinking about moving to another country, I would choose either Singapore or Australia.
Singapore, because it is near to so many other countries I would love to visit some day. But because I also love its people and mixed culture.
And Australia because I spent there 1 year and just fell in love with the country and its people. Due to working almost full-time whole year, I couldn’t visit all the places I would have wanted to. I saw much of East-Coast but not really anything else, and I would love to visit other states as well.

But hey, let me tell you at least one good thing or beautiful place or something unique etc. from all the countries I have visited in Asia, Africa and Australia & Oceania.

Countries list

Clean water, with plenty of different kind of fish, to do some snorkeling.

Definitely food and beautiful beaches.

Honestly, I didn’t have the best experience with Langkawi and didn’t see much of the real Malaysia, but I am going with beach and some of the nice attractions. I have also visited Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

It was a small island that belonged to Indonesia. But it was much made for tourism so also there I couldn’t see much of the real Indonesian culture. Though I loved the fact, that they hadn’t see many Europeans so they wanted to take pics of me and my mom all the time. I also loved the amazing views there was that our taxi driver took us to see.

Food, warm weather all year-round and lovely people. And even though Singapore is mostly known by its high buildings and city life, I loved the fact that there was also areas with nature such as parks and Chinese and Japanese garden where the picture below is taken.

The culture. Definitely. It wasn’t ruined by tourism and had its own culture left in most places. It was also really cost friendly place to travel. And ofc food. <3

New Zealand:
It was freaking cold when we were there even though it was a summer time. But it could be because I was used to weather in Australia which was HOT.
But I loved its unique nature and unique natural attractions to visit. Its been one of the only countries that has showed me what is real natural scenic views.

Left this as the last one for a reason. I would love to write so many different things, because I absolutely loved Australia. I spent most of my time in Brisbane, so it might be a little cliche to say, that it was also the best city. But it become like a home and I felt like leaving my home behind when I left back to Finland.
I am not much a beach person (laying on the beach is just not my thing), but Australia had some of the most amazing beaches I have seen. There were also the most exotic animals I have seen, with koalas and kangaroos.

xoxo see you soon again (sooner than after one year)! :*

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