Koh Lipe – Tiny Paradise

Koh Lipe is an island part of Thailand, it is located in Southern Thailand, just next to Langkawi island (which is part of Malaysia).

Koh Lipe – Tiny paradise

If you are seeking just relaxing, sunbathing and eat good food, and you do not mind being on a very small island, then Koh Lipe could be your choice of destination.

For sunbathing, it is truly paradise, and for sure also for scuba diving and snorkeling as well.
I did not have time for those, as I was in Koh Lipe just for couple days, so I did not want to spend any full day in cruise. Instead, I chose to relax, enjoy the sun, swim in crystal clear water and eat delicious food.

Budget travel in Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is an excellent place for budget traveling because you can find very cheap hostels around the island.
I stayed in Tube hostel, and it was a perfect place to stay for two nights.
I had a tube in mixed room, but what I have understood, there is also a possibility to choose a room for only women or men. Or even private room, as the real name is a hotel. Not actually hostel.

This is how the bed in Tube hostel in Koh Lipe looks like.

If you are a social person and seeking new friends, I am sure you can do it in that hostel! There were a lot of tourists around the world, and I have heard, that it is a great place to get to know new people. 🙂 However, I was not in a mood for that, as I wanted to have own relaxing holiday, so I decided to explore that island all alone.

How to get to Koh Lipe?

Here comes the big question, “How to get there?”, because I know I already made a pretty clear statement, that you should travel to Koh Lipe! 😉
To be honest, I have read from several different Finnish travel sites, that travel to Koh Lipe might be hard and long. It is not. So forget that, if you are busy and want everything right now, then yeah, maybe it is long.
But for anyone who has traveled before, it is not long. I am almost like 90% sure about that.

I traveled all the way from Singapore to Koh Lipe.
Found cheap flights to Langkawi, and basically took a plane there, took a taxi from the airport and traveled to the harbor. From there, it took approximately 1.5h to Koh Lipe by boat. Not so hard.

Koh Lipe does not have own airport, so you have to get there from nearby countries by boat. Such as Langkawi or Thailand.
I do not recommend swimming there, I think it is also illegal.

This is how the big boat looks like. It is a boat, but an old one, but safe one tho.

Do not freak out the passport system in those big boats, they will not steal your passport. You will get it back when you arrive at your destination. I know you have probably heard from your mom, that you should never give your passport to anyone, well, to be honest, you have to do so if you want to get there. However, I still recommend strongly to have the copy of your passport with you, just in case. You never know.

Recommendations in Koh Lipe

So what do in there, if it is so small?
I highly recommend you to go watch the sunset at sunset beach!
For someone like me, sunset lover, it was the best experience. It was just amazing. There are not enough words to describe it. And this comes from someone who has seen a lot of sunsets already in many different countries.

Isn’t it beautiful? Or is it just me?

For food, I would like to recommend those real ice creams, I ate coconut one, and can only recommend what I have tasted ;D
In addition to the ice cream, I also do recommend those pancakes. You can choose what toppings you want, absolutely wonderful!

AND I recommend the food in general! It is not just a food, it is real Thai food!

For party people, there is nightclubs and restaurants during darkest hours of the day.
Did not visit those places, so I can not recommend anything specifically. There were a lot of tourists, youths and older people, so I think those are pretty popular though.

And of course, swim a lot. There are beautiful beaches, places without much tourists, you will love it.


These needs own title, like really.
Remember to take that freaking sun lotion with you. Especially if you are European with light white skin.
Put that lotion on, a lot.
Because otherwise, you will end up like me after your holiday.
Turning in bed like “ouch ouch, why did I not put that lotion more often…”
I mean you definitely do not want to experience that. It might even ruin rest of your holiday.
It was a very painful experience. My skin just started to peel off, I was feeling like that lizard who change skin.

So do sunbathe, but do it in a safe way.
make sure to put more sun lotion after swimming, and remember that if you get burned, it has probably happened during your swimming sessions.
I thought I put enough lotion, but clearly, I did not.
So do not do the same mistake as I did.
Rather put that lotion, so you will be able to enjoy the sun in a safe way. I am sure you will get that nice tan even with lotion on your skin to protect from dangerous UV light 😉

I miss the sun a lot!<3

“If we were meant to stay in one place,
we’d have roots instead of feet.
He said.”
~ Rachel Wolchin

Travel time: 28.2.-2.3.2017

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