Things I miss from Finland

I have now been almost 12 months (because saying one year is just too simple) in Australia, and this is a good time making a list of the things I have actually been missing from Finland.
The longer I am staying in Australia, the more I want to come back here, and the more I am comparing what is better in Australia compared to Finland. I promise you, that I will make a blog post about that as well, but now it is time to think the things that I miss from home.

General stuff

First of all, I will write some general stuff, Uncategorized. 😉


OK, there are forests in Australia as well. And I will definitely miss the palm trees once I go back to Finland.
I mean, I literally work in the forest at the moment, in the nature park, so it would be weird trying to say, that there would not be any forests in here.

But I miss roaming the forests, being able to walk anywhere in the forest, not always follow the path. You can just pick berries and mushrooms, or even flowers along the way, you know we have this thing called Everyman’s Rights – the right to roam – in Finland. I miss that one!
I just do not recommend picking mushrooms if you really do not know what you can eat – the reason even I rather stay away from mushrooms. Because believe or not, also we in Finland have something in nature that can kill you. 😉
I am purely talking here about mushrooms found in nature, not weed. :’D

Being alone

This is huge for me!
I miss being alone – having the possibility to for example walk in that forest totally alone.
Wherever I go here in Australia, there will always be at least one other person as well.
In Finland, in my hometown, I can just walk 2h in the forest without seeing anyone else. Imagine that quietness and peacefulness!


Yay, time to tell what food I miss! Because isn’t it true, that we all love food?


Taken from here

It is Easter now, so I start with mämmi.
One of those foods you either hate or you love, and I absolutely love it!
Maybe because during childhood we always had it during Easter.
Yes, it might look disgusting, but it is damn delicious! 😛

Salted Liquorice

Oh yeess!! Again one of those “you either hate it or love it.” I absolutely love it!
Yep, there is some salted licorice in Australia as well, but no, not the right one. Not the real one.

Taken from here

Pick and mix candies

So silly, but really this is something I miss so much!
But I guess it has only been a good thing, that I have not been able to get these in here. Could have been a difficult lifestyle change. ;D

Rye Bread

If you are telling, that there is a rye bread in Australia as well, you are so wrong. That is not a rye bread, it is not even dark enough to be a rye bread! I miss the real rye bread, I miss it so badly! :’D


We all have someone we miss back home.


Especially my sister! <3 I miss my sister so damn much! And this has been the longest time apart, and I feel like every time I travel somewhere for a longer period of time, we always get a little closer.
Behind are those times when we were only fighting with my sis. 😀

Please, take a moment and look at how cool style we both had that day. 😉

Of course, I also miss my parents, but I just met them in December. 😉


I do not have hundreds of friends, I have a few very close ones, and I miss them!
Unfortunately, though, my time in Australia has ended a few of my friendships, but that is life. Not all friends are meant to be there forever.
The ones I still have, I feel like we have become even closer with our daily Whatsapp voicemails! 😀

My cat

He is part of the family but needs to be mentioned separately.
It is amazing how much an animal can relieve your stress and even physical pain!
Maybe I should go to the cat cafe here in Brisbane to relieve my stress and empty my mind a bit for writing my thesis.

Random nonsense

Because it is great to end this blog text to some random nonsense small stuff that annoys me and makes me miss home.

Prescription renewal online

This annoys me more than anything in Australia. I cannot renew my asthma medication without seeing a doctor first. In Finland I can just go online and renew all prescriptions online, here I have to see a doctor first. And then get a maximum of 5 months dose, and then after 5 months see a doctor again. What is the idea of this?

Sharing bathroom & toilet only with my parents

Really, this morning I had to wait for 1h to get to the toilet because my flatmate was having a bad hangover… And well, after that, it was not pleasant going to the toilet. If you know what I mean… I miss not having to wait 30min or even over an hour to use a toilet or shower. At least my parents have taught me to respect others time as well, and not be in toilet forever – seems like something that everyone does not know.

Knowing people around me

Bit funny though, that this was one of the things I loved getting rid of when I came to Australia. I loved the fact, that no one knew me, and I did not know anyone. But in some ways, I miss this now! I miss walking around my hometown and being able to see people I know. Though I know this is something I will get so tired of after living a couple of months at home again!

This is where I live. The population is approximately 5000.

In conclusion

There is a lot of things I miss from home, but I think the biggest things are not really things. I miss my sister and my cat most. And even though I do feel like being in the home in Brisbane as well, there is something missing, and it is probably the fact, that when I left, it was more like escaping the reality. I had some bad luck back at home, and I started to feel like I did not belong there anymore, I lost my happiness and motivation to everything. Getting away from there was a life saver, but I left so much behind, and I miss the feeling of really being home, being close to the people I love and being in the place I can feel loved.

Do I miss home? Of course. Even though I am not so sure anymore what really is my home because, at the same time, I have never actually felt that Finland would be my home.

Would I like to stay in Australia for a bit longer time? Of course. But for now, I feel like going back to Finland at the end of May is the right thing for me. And hopefully, if it all goes as planned (it rarely does though), I will be back in Brisbane early in 2020, with a real plan and funds for living here.

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  1. It’s so cool that you get to spend some time away from home and realize that some aspects of home are what make you, you!

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