Who am I?

So who am I?

Before going more deeply into my travel adventures, I will tell a little more about myself.
I try to keep this short because I know everyone came here to read about the countries I have visited. Adventures I have made, and my tips to other countries.

My name is Katri. I am 20 years old Finnish-Estonian woman living in Finland.
Finland is in Northern Europe, neighboring countries are Sweden, Norway, and Russia. So if you know any of those, you probably should know where is Finland.
I will write about Finland too, so do not worry. And for sure I will also write about Estonia because it is super lovely little country 🙂

Four seasons

Many probably think that I am super lucky to be born into the country with four seasons. Sounds amazing, right?
It does sound a cool thing, but I promise, winter is not that cool. Yeah, it is super beautiful, but -20 degrees weather is not that beautiful.
At least I love warm weather, and cold winters are not my thing.
But for sure, it can be yours, so I try to write about cold winter in more positive way 🙂

And it is not always 100 percent sure, that we have snow all over the Finland during winter. Sometimes we have had black and dark Christmas 🙁 I hope that is not going to happen this year.


I am still in school. I am studying tourism and hospitality at the University of applied sciences. In Finland first is the primary school, it takes 9 years. From the age 5 or 6 until to the age of 15 or 16 (depends on what time of the year you have born).
Then it is possible to choose from high school (three to four years) or vocational school (three years).
If you know what you want to be in future, then maybe vocational school would be a better choice.
If you do not know, then high school.
After that, you can go to work.
Or you can continue studying, to the University or to the University of applied sciences.
–> I graduated from the vocational school of tourism in 2015, so my title is tourism counselor.
My dream job was a travel guide, and for everywhere they searched over 24 years old guides. I was way too young, so I decided to apply to the school.

And here I am. Studying my third year.

You might have heard already about Finnish educational system, but here is one more article, if you are interested.

Love of my life

Still have green belt, because of my injuries I have had 🙁

There are so many things, what I would categorize as a love of my life. Maybe two of the biggest ones are my hobbies; ITF Taekwon-Do and hammer throw.
Those are something I try to do always during my travels. So maybe I am going to write something about them also. Unfortunately, just couple days ago I got the worst diagnose possible for an athlete. My back injury, which started in February, is now classified as not curable and progressive issue. So basically, I am just trying to stay positive with my sports, but I have no idea how long I am able to do my sports anymore…


Traveling is, of course, one of my hobbies. One of the love of my life is taking sunset pics anywhere I am. So I have a lot of pics from sunsets, and maybe sunrises.

This is one of the dishes I had with my training mates in Singapore.

In a new country, I like to get to know the nature, culture and of course eating as much as possible something different than before. Of course, I also like to get to know new people, but for me, that is not the most important task. Because I am introvert, and I love to be by myself. But you can always ask me to come traveling with you or show you Finland or Estonia. I will come 🙂

Want to know something else? Just ask 🙂

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