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Stole the idea and questions from this blog, just because I found it interesting to do by myself as well. And it was a good time spender at the time I lost WIFI connection. The funny thing in Australia is, that if it a little bit windy and/or rainy outside, you might lose internet connection for hours. This makes me laugh, as someone coming from the country where winds are strong, it is raining almost all the time, and during winter there is snow! A lot of snow. But one thing stays, internet connection.

What has been your favorite travel destination so far?

Before I traveled to Australia, it was Singapore. Now I cannot really decide what country it is. To be honest, I see that every country is so different, that it is impossible to compare them or choose one best country.

If you could swim with dolphins or go shark diving, which would you pick?

This is a hard question when thinking ethically. I think, that companies who offer swimming with dolphins might not be ethically best companies. The same goes to shark diving – if it is an organized tour. I rather just see the dolphins swimming freely, without people trying to pet them etc. And what about sharks? Well, I rather stay far away from sharks.

The same ethical problem goes to the zoos etc. I nowadays rarely go to the zoo, because I do not want to see captured animals. But if the place is known as saving animals, or that the animals are there because they could not survive in the wilderness anymore, then I might consider going.

What place is at the top of your bucket list?

I do not have a bucket list. But I would love to visit Iceland – I know, it is literally one of the closest countries to Finland, and I have not been there. But I have been in Singapore, now in Australia etc. The other destination is New Zealand (I will visit there during my Australia trip – I will so regret if I do not visit.) And one more is Antarctic. — Not that we would not have enough snow and cold weather in Finland.

What is something you cannot travel with?

I agree with the original post, that it is a camera. And passport. I love to capture moments, things I see, things I might not see ever again. Honestly, I do not know what I am going to do with all of those 10 000 pictures, but when I am old, I can watch the pics and remember how fun time I had.

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

This should not be hard to guess. I prefer solo travel. Of course, occasionally traveling with someone else (family, friends) is fun, but I do prefer solo. Me being introvert might have something to do with this, and it is not for everyone, but before judging too much, I think everyone should at least try it once.

The freedom of roaming alone, and being able to choose where to go. Sometimes making some crazy decision, and going to random 40km hike alone. That is best thing about traveling solo.

Who is the person at home that you miss the most?

My sister. We have always been close, but after I was studying in Singapore for 5 months, the distance between, made us even closer. Now, that I am in Australia, I feel like we are getting even closer again, and I miss her so much! <3 Other “person” is my cat. Of course, I also miss my parents and friends.

What home comfort do you miss the most?

This is a hard one, because I have never been happier than I am while being away from home, away from Finland. It is a brutal truth – I have everything alright in Finland, at home, but I just do not feel so happy over there.

The one thing I miss though is hugs. As I am mostly traveling solo, I feel awkward to ask a hug from someone I meet. In Finland, we have this thing called ‘personal space‘, so it is just a habit, that I cannot ask a hug from someone who is not my closest friend or family member. Maybe I should start to ask hugs more. What do you think?

What has been the most interesting item of food you have tasted?

I love to taste exotic foods, and I cannot really pick one. Though I have never tasted Durian (other than in ice cream), or kangaroo (I will though, I just need to find a place where I can have it). As I really cannot pick one food, I will just say, that the best and most interesting food is found in Asia.

Which country has the friendliest people?

Australia. I have never met friendlier people than in Australia. If you get lost and ask help, most probably that person will come with you to show where you should go. Just as an example. Not only showing from Google Maps how you should walk 200m, then turn right, walk 100m, see KFC and turn left… But actually walking with you a little while, and explaining at the same time.

What has been your scariest travel moment?

I am usually a very careful person, if I walk in dark, I never listen to music with headphones… I avoid walking out late, I do not drink, so I am not even going to bar etc. But I have one story to share.

Dogs roaming freely (stray dogs)

I have never been more afraid in my life than the moment I am walking early morning alone along the beach, and suddenly two dogs surround me. What could a person do at that moment? The first idea is to run away, but it is worst you can do because the dogs will also run. It is good to note, that I was not trying to get close to these dogs, I was not disturbing their lives in any way, I was just walking along the beach, when suddenly two dogs run behind me and surround me. They were big dogs, and from inside I was freaking out. It was my last morning in Singapore, and before that morning, I have never even seen those two dogs before, even though for 5 months I walked that park almost daily. There were no other people around, so my only way was to remember how to act if a dog is trying to attack you. No running away, no waiving arms, but slowly keep walking, keep hands up and no eye contact with the dogs. I walked maybe 200m, the one dog on my left side another one on my right side, both looking me very angrily, but finally, as suddenly as they came, they ran away.

Note! The dog in the picture below is not one of those dogs. This dog is the friendliest dog I know.

What was your most embarrassing travel moment?

I cannot think anything super embarrassing. I think that I am nowadays very open, and I see my own mistakes as a lesson learned, and some embarrassing moments are just funny. Or I just have not made a fool of myself yet when traveling, or I just do not realize my embarrassing moments. Now that I say like this, I am sure something happens soon.

How many foreign words have you learned so far?

I am always trying to learn at least one useful local phrase or word. But I cannot remember all the words, nor calculate all the words I have learned during my travels.

What’s the longest you have been away from home?

Singapore, 5 months. But I am currently in Australia, and on 15th of this month, I have been here 4 months. And I will be here probably at least until next June.

Where would you most like to live in the world?

This is something I really cannot answer. I have not seen enough countries yet, that I could say what would be the best place to live in. If I had to choose from the countries I have been so far, I would say Australia or Singapore. Maybe Australia, because it is so big, so there would be different cities and states to choose from if getting tired in one place.

How many countries you have visited?

22. Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Malta, Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Spain (+ Canary Islands), Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia (or Batam island part of Indonesia), Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, USA, Thailand. Oh and Finland, of course. So if my home country is counted in, then 23 countries.
I have this amazing goal, that I would travel at least to one new country each year.

What’s your favorite travel childhood memory?

Traveling to Turkey! Not only, because I had my first travel romance there. I know, it is kinda funny (:D). I mean, I was 14 years old, and he was 18 years old. Totally legal. But it was a great trip in overall, not only because of that guy.
Another one is travel to Malta. It was three weeks language travel course, and I think it was the moment I truly fell in love with traveling.

Have you ever traveled by train or bus?

Yes. Last year I traveled with my mom from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by train and bus. It is something I highly recommend doing! Before the new modern train is coming. Otherwise, I have made a shorter trip inside the country by train and bus. I am not the biggest fan of long bus travels, and I rather choose a train.


Do you prefer a strict schedule when you travel, or would you rather go with the flow?

I am a person between those two. I do not like to plan everything ahead, because I know situations change, and it is rarely possible to stick on the plan for the whole travel. On the other hand, I do not like to leave everything open and go totally with the flow. I need some planning.

What’s been the best street food you’ve had?

Again, this is something I cannot answer. There is just too much street foods I have been enjoying. And in fact, I usually eat more often street food than in the restaurant. It is cheaper, and usually even better.

What destination have you found to be overrated?

New York. I know some people are going to hate me now saying this. But really though, it was nice to see it, but I would not go again. NYC was not that glamorous in my opinion, but of course, we all have a different opinion.

Do you prefer to travel to cities or places that more remote?

Both. But I rather see nature than museums and stuff like that. I also like to see other things, than the most popular tourist sites – of course, those are nice as well, but nature is my number one choice.

Also, because of my tourism studies, I have learned, that some remote places are better to leave like that. Not all places want tourism masses and rather stay as remote. You always have to respect locals.

Do you prefer to walk, take public transport, or take private transport?

Mixing walking and public transportation. You can see so much more just by walking, and it can save you a lot of money and time to walk, rather than taking a car etc. Especially if it is a city holiday. BUT to visit some places, in some countries, your only option might me private transport. During these 4 months in Australia, I have learned, that that is the case in here in many cases.

Public transportation is experience on its own. You never know what kind of transportation each country ha, if you do not try it out.

Which religious or spiritual sites have you visited?

Churches, Buddhism temples etc. Nothing super exotic.

When flying, do you prefer the window or aisle seat?

Aisle seat. I am rather the one who someone wakes up to get to the toilet, than the one who needs to wake up someone else. And I can always get up and stretch my body if I need to, without too much disturbing the other person.

Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?

A lot of places. I love to see as much as possible. But if the place is huge, I might need to stay there a bit longer to see everything I want to.

What was the best hotel you’ve ever stayed at?

Tricky one. Nope, I cannot say. There has been so many good hotels and hostels around the world, that it is just impossible to choose one. I always love to stay in the small hotels, so that I would not support chain companies, but rather some smaller entrepreneur.

So here is my travel Q&A. I will someday write more about solo traveling, and more posts coming from all the places I have been. 🙂 If you found some similarities, let me know – it is always nice to know if there are people like me. 😉

I will end this post with a picture of a donut. Because we all love food. 😉

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