Why I prefer Qatar Airways?

I have traveled to 23 countries, different cities, and some countries even twice or multiple times. I have been flying with low-cost airlines, as well as full-service airlines, but there is one airline I try to choose whenever possible.

And that is Qatar Airways.

Some people think, that everyone from Finland will choose Finnair – supporting own country… Not me.
And here is why.

All included

You do not need to pay more to get wider leg space, and no need to pay for watching movies during a flight.
You even get a pillow, a blanket, toothbrush & toothpaste, socks, earplugs…
It is just super convenient and comfortable.


Never late

I have never had a flight with Qatar Airways which would have been late. It has always been on time, or even arrive earlier than the scheduled time.
I find it little fun, that some airlines always explain their delays with: “you should be happy, that we are leaving a little late (10h delay). It means we are making some extra preparing in safety so that nothing will happen.”
Because after all, I think all airlines try to avoid accidents as well as they can and being always late, is not possible to always explain how it was because of extra preparing.
There are so many airlines which are more than often early, and just a few times in a year late. And still rank high in airline safety rankings.

Delicious food

Huge plus.
They will never leave you to feel hungry.
Also, they do not use plastic cutlery – at least I like to eat food with normal cutlery, rather than plastic. :’D
And if you have a night flight, and you just want to sleep, you can let the flight attendants know, that you are sleeping and will eat your lunch/dinner when you wake up.

Many other airlines I have been, have the policy, that if you sleep, you will not probably get your food.
In Qatar Airways, they always wake you up and ask if you want to eat. They will not just skip you, and leave you hungry.

— You can also get more food if you are not full, and they have food left.
The only thing you need to do is just ask from them.

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A wide variety of foods

Not only vegetarian/vegan/no-milk -foods, but also many others.
I was reading this blog post before my recent Qatar Airways flight, how this guy pre-ordered a different kind of meals, just for trying out how they are. I could not find that blog anymore, but here is a similar experience.
I have not yet tried it by myself, but it would be interesting!
As far as I know, there is not any rule, that you cannot order for example Jewish food if you are not Jewish.


They are super friendly.
You can ask anything, and they will answer (at least try to). And it seems like they do not get bored or bothered by any questions.
They also treat kids like they would be any other passengers.

Value for money

Last, but not the least.
In my opinion, they really are value for money.
When I was coming back from Singapore, I searched flights only 1 month before departure, so I did not wait for any very good deals at that time. First I checked the price from Finnair – 1500€ one way in basic economic class (no entertainment during flight). And the next thing I checked was Qatar Airways – 400€ (all included). Guess which one I chose? 😉

Ps. This is not paid advertisement, I do not get anything from Qatar Airways for writing this blog post. Just an honest experience. 🙂

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